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In accessing this site, the user must be aware of the following provisions applicable to each of the documents, information, data and requirements which are included in it and which are the property of the insurance company Universal Seguros, S.A., Tax number 541 706 1590, with registered office at Belas Business Park, Torre Cabinda, 5º Piso - Sala 501, in Luanda, and with the capital of KZ 784,000,000.00, hereinafter designated as Universal Seguros:


Personal data supplied by the holder when completing the forms which exist on this site will be digitally processed and stored by Universal Seguros and will be used exclusive by them, in the scope of pre-contractual relations and relations which arise from a contract signed with their client, including renewals. The data will be kept in a way which allows for the identification of the holder until these relations have been definitively terminated. The holder will have free access to their personal data, with a frequency of no less than one year from the date on which it was collected or their first access, as long as it is requested in writing, and the holder may also correct it. The data may be supplied to legal and administrative authorities providing that it is in compliance with a legal obligation on the part of Universal Seguros.


Supply their data to companies of the Group to which they belong, its confidentiality being ensured, to be used according to the object of these companies and compatibility with the purposes of its collection; Proceed with the collection of complementary personal data from public bodies, specialised companies and other private entities, with the objective of confirming or completing the information collected and needed for the management of the contractual relation; Perform, if deemed necessary, the magnetic recording of telephone calls made in the scope of the contractual relationship proposed, both in the phase of planning of the contract, and during its validity and also use it for legal purposes, namely for carrying out contracted services, for their improvement and supervision and as a means of proof.


1. Through this website, Universal Seguros intends to inform you about its brand and about the products and services it has to offer. The information provided is not an offer in the legal sense of the word. The result of the use of the simulators is simply the provision of information and may be considered reliable in terms of the data inserted by the user. The result of the simulation is not a quote, nor a contractual proposal, and does not oblige Universal Seguros to sign a contract under the terms simulated by the user.

2. All information contained on this site is destined exclusively for private use. Its use for commercial purposes is prohibited. On the other hand, the information provided does not constitute, regardless of how it was viewed, advice or recommendation to buy, sell or contract, and does not dispense with the consultation with specialists if needed.

3. Therefore, Universal Seguros will not be held liable for any material or personal loss or damage which may arise, directly or indirectly from the use of the information provided, with the user being solely and exclusively responsible for all decisions made on the basis of this information.

4. Through the website, the user may access other internet websites belonging to CGD Group companies, official institutions and organisations related to the activity of the insurer.

5. The intellectual property rights of all the content of this site, except those which were supplied by duly identified external entities, belong to Universal Seguros, including the information, tools, graphic design of the Internet pages, and also their components, all figures, graphs and text.

6. Universal Seguros takes no responsibility for losses which arise from any situations of the impossibility, delay, suspension or interruption of access to the website due to technical faults or other reasons. Universal Seguros does not guarantee that access to the website will not suffer interruptions or disturbances which are the result of technical problems.

7. The total or partial reproduction of any information or content from the site is not permitted, nor is its rental or sale, without prior authorisation from Universal Seguros or duly identified external entities that supply information.

8. Universal Seguros reserves the right to complete, change or remove information contained on the website.

9. Universal Seguros cannot guarantee the total immunity of the website from attacks from hackers or viruses or other intrusion software.

10. Access or use of the site implies the acceptance by the user of the abovementioned conditions.

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